What’s the difference between an infrared grill and a regular grill?

Suppose you’re discussing between an infrared grill and a regular grill. In that case, it’s crucial to understand the key differences between the two. An infrared grill uses infrared technology to heat food. In contrast, a regular grill uses either gas or charcoal to create heat.

Infrared grills cook food by using infrared radiation. This grill can heat up quickly and evenly, so it’s ideal for cooking food fast. Additionally, you can use infrared grills to sear meat, which gives it a delicious crust.

Regular grills, on the other hand, use convection for cooking food. Convection is the process of hot air circulating the food. This cooking method can take longer than infrared grilling, but it allows for more even cooking. Additionally, you can use regular grills to smoke food, which gives it a unique flavour.

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