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Mar 8th, 2017
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-Cooking Classes March 2017-



Monday, March 27 @ 6 PM-9 PM -$85

Rustic or peasant Italian cooking celebrates all things local and nothing

wasted. It's all about making great food with the freshest, readily

available, local ingredients and includes some of the best and favored

Italian recipes that have been passed down over the years. Tonight we help

 you add some delicious new dishes to your Italian repertoire.  Our

menu includes: Tuscan Bean & Vegetable Soup (RIBOLLITA)

Polenta & Sausage "Hunger Killer" (SMACAFAM), Bread Gnocchi

with Smoked Bacon & Fonduta, Chestnut Crepes with

Ricotta, & Sautéed ... Continue Reading

Jan 14th, 2017
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-Cooking Classes February 2017-



Monday, February 6 @ 6 PM-9 PM -$85

Nothing is more delicious and comforting than a slow braised dish

perfect for hearty meals and cold weather. Tonight we explore the major

brands of braising cookware including Le Creuset, Staub, and Emile

Henri as well as Fissler Pressure Cookers. We then prepare a

terrifically tender meal that includes: Distefano Family Braciole,

Cuban Chicken Fricassee, Lamb & Fennel Tagine, Slow-Cooked

Achiote-Marinated Pork Tacos, Smoked Buffalo Chili, and Poached

Pears in Red Wine Syrup with Basil Ice Cream for dessert.



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Oct 25th, 2016
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Cooking Classes December 2016-

Holiday Fun at Kitchen Kraft "GLUTEN-FREE & GOURMET FOR THE HOLIDAYS" Monday, December 5 @ 6 PM-9 PM -$85 Whether you are eating gluten-free for health or weight issues, tonight we arm you with some delicious recipes that will insure that you achieve the best and tastiest results. We will discuss alternative grains, how to substitute flour in any recipe, and then prepare a gourmet gluten-free menu perfect for the holidays. Our dishes include: Spiced Butternut Squash Soup, Green Chile Cornbread, Grilled Portobello, Spinach & Tomato Salad, Turkey Milanese, Wild Mushroom Risotto, and Gluten-Free Bittersweet Decadence Cookies. All gluten-free and definitely yummy! (Hands-On)

"THE PERFECT PRIME RIB ... Continue Reading

Mar 22nd, 2016
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Monday, April 25 @ 6 PM-9 PM -$85

Just because our lives are getting busier and busier, doesn't mean

we have to sacrifice tasty, healthy meals after a long day. Tonight

we discuss shortcuts for quick, easy and delicious dishes that

will make you feel as though you've spent hours in the kitchen.

Our menu will look to some of our favorite New Mexico dishes

for inspiration and includes: Green Chile Escarole Soup, Real

Fast Bean Dip, Quick Green Chicken Stew with Biscuits,

Carne Adovado, Green Chile Oven Polenta, Glazed Asparagus,

and for ... Continue Reading

Jan 20th, 2016
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Cooking Classes February 2016

"CUT THE FAT-CUT THE SUGAR-CUT THE CARBS" Monday, February 8 @ 6 PM-9 PM -$85 Regardless of which healthy lifestyle you are following or pursuing-Atkins, Paleo, Vegan or Weight Watchers, tonight's class will give delicious new ideas and recipes to keep you on track and inspired. We will discuss ways to adapt recipes to fit your lifestyle without sacrificing flavor and deliciousness. Our menu includes: Gazpacho Andaluz, Savory Stuffed Mushrooms, Tuscan Beans with Sage, Vegan Tahini-Lemon Dressing, Perfect Paleo Super Platter, Spiced Sweet Potato Fries, and Blueberry Crepes with Yogurt. Kick-start your New Year's diet with this informative class. (Hands-On) "NEW MEXICO FLAVORS IN ... Continue Reading